Rabbi Yossi & Malkie Marrus bring many years of rabbinic, outreach, and educational experience to this exciting development. Hailing originally from New York and Chicago, they spent twenty five years active in all facets of the San Antonio Jewish community and founded Chabad of Boerne in 2022. They are passionate about bringing the beauty, warmth and spirituality of the Jewish tradition to everyone they encounter.

Executive Director / Spiritual Leader:
Rabbi Yossi Marrus is a seasoned rabbi and leader and is the Dean and Director of Judaic Studies at the Starr Family Jewish Day School. Over the course of his career he has served as the Associate Rabbi, Chazzan (cantor), Program and Youth Director, and Administrator of the Chabad Center for Jewish Life in San Antonio and directed dozens of educational, spiritual and chaplaincy programs. Rabbi Marrus is passionate about Israel education and is a Birthright fellow, frequently leading educational trips for young adults to Israel. He holds a Bachelors of Religious Studies from Rabbinical College of America and a Semicha Degree(Rabbinical Ordination) from the Central Lubavitch Yeshiva in Brooklyn, NY and Yeshivat Chabad Tzfat, Israel.

Co-Director / Programs
Mrs. Malkie Marrus is a veteran Jewish educator at the Starr Family Jewish Day School. She is a fantastic cook, Rebbitzin, mom, bubby, friend and so much more.  Additionally, she is a certified health coach and enjoys helping people live life to the fullest. She founded Malkie’s Challah, in which she distributed thousands of delicious Challahs each year for Shabbat and Jewish holidays. She holds a Teacher's Certification and Degree from the Beth Rivka Teacher's Seminary in Brooklyn, NY.

Rabbi Yossi and Malkie Marrus are the proud parents of six children (all native Texans) and are enjoying being grandparents.

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Shalom U'Lhitraot!
Rabbi Yossi & Malkie